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How to learn two and more languages at the same time

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Two languages are better than one. Is it possible to learn two or more languages at the same time? Exactly! Many people can say there is a mess in the head learning several languages. We may unknowingly transfer words from one language to another, resulting in confusion. Philologists call this phenomenon interference. This article will help you find the right way to learn languages so that interference does not affect you.

Language selection.

If you are interested in learning languages or are just starting to learn new language, you should pay attention to the following aspects that will help you in it.

1. What language attracts you more? And why?

2. How much spare time do you have?

3. The level. Are you starting to learn from scratch, improve your skills, or relearn a forgotten language?

4. Be careful with related languages.


Many have often met this concept, but not everyone knows what it is. So let’s try to

figure it out.

Time-management is a technology for the proper organization of time, increasing the efficiency of its use.

When will I sit down to study? If there is no clear answer in your head, then your schedule will be clogged with other things, and doing what you love will be postponed indefinitely. How to avoid this? You need to plan your next day from the evening, to outline a clear plan of action. It is also necessary not to forget why you are learning a particular language, you need to set a specific goal.

If you have several difficult tasks during the day, then first of all you should start with them. After all, when you sit down for your favorite thing, the most unpleasant will already be over. There will be relief and a surge of strength.

It's easy to say "don't get distracted by anything," but it's really an effective way to do things. If distracting thoughts come to your mind during an important business, write them down on a piece of blank paper and continue to do your business. As soon as you finish doing something and look at what you wrote down in the sheet during the lesson, you will immediately realize how unimportant it was at that moment. It will be easier for you not to be distracted over time.

Two languages at the same time.

Different levels of languages allow you to better distribute time, energy and attention between them. The risk of confusion between languages will also decrease.

Divide the languages by priority and allocate time depending on the importance. Classes in the second priority language can sometimes be held not every day, but every other day. Consider the complexity of the languages and your priorities. There is a common combination: complex language + relatively simple. This will help not to burn out.

And look for similarities and differences in languages to avoid interference. Articles in English and German can serve as a good example.

More than two languages at the same time.

Try to learn languages daily. No matter how long it takes, the main thing is not to overdo it. Watch movies, series, TV shows, choosing a different language every day. And in the future, try to follow this technique.

While you are taking the subway or walking to the store, listen to music or podcasts in the language you are learning. Try to fill your free time with your favorite activity.

Communicate with native speakers. Currently, there are many applications and social networks for this. Also thanks to it, you will be able to learn the culture of the studied language.

Learn one language with the help of another.

You ask how it is. Piece of cake. Practice translating from one language to another without using your native language. Start by translating elementary conversational phrases and small dialogues.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that it is not so difficult to learn several languages at the same time, the main thing is to choose ways and methods that will suit you personally.


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