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The problem of public trust in the authorities in modern Russia.

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This article is devoted to the topic of trust in the authorities in modern Russia that is connected with redundancy and heterogeneity of information and communication flows, which create a contradictory picture of the world. Nowadays the topic of trust is very relevant. The main problem of our country at the present stage is the low level of trust relations between the population and the authorities.

First, it is important to note that trust is a historical, socio-psychological and economic category characterized by high morality, responsibility and professionalism, contributing to the formation of effective relationships between various economic and political actors based on a balance of interests. Trust begins only as a result of personal communication and interaction between participants of a particular process. However, such a condition is impracticable in the political sphere.

Modern Russian society has no opportunity to communicate with statesmen in person, accurate and truthful information about their activities is not published in publicly available sources, such as the media, newspapers, magazines. People have only a superficial idea about the candidates for election to government bodies. Proceeding from this, there is an erroneous opinion about statesmen, and trust in the authorities is significantly reduced every year.

The concept of "trust" is closely connected with the term "legitimacy". Legitimacy is public recognition of power, when the population agrees to the exercise of power functions by the elected rulers. Many scholars believe that public trust is the basis for ensuring the legitimacy of the government. The impossibility to meet the people’s needs can lead to a loss of legitimacy. There is no classic crisis of political power in Russia at the moment, but the existing problems may contribute to the opposite.

It is necessary to increase the efficiency of interaction between the state authorities and the society in order to solve the presented topical problem. The state should be absolutely open to most of the institutions of civil society.

Also, the most important condition for the building of political trust between the government and society in Russia is the revision of social policy. Particular reference needs to be made to the need to establish special wages, pensions, social benefits, effective protection of citizens from internal and external threats, as well as encouraging initiative and putting forward new ideas. The trust of citizens in the state is of great importance. It helps to strengthen the country's competitiveness. The creation of a favorable socio-psychological climate and the necessary conditions for ensuring a decent life for the population helps to increase the level of trust in the authorities in Russia.




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