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In this article I want to say that every person should go to the end and believe in his or her dream. After all, the main thing in life is not to give up and be confident in your abilities. I hope that my article will motivate many people and change their lives for the better.

Key words:

Motivation, desire to go to the end, believe in your dream, never give up, be confident in their abilities.

Do you think everyone achieves their goals and objectives in spite of everything? I want to say that not everyone is able to reach the end and many simply do not have the strength of will, character, tenacity and patience. At the very last stage of comprehension of the result, a person gives up and benefits from the work done. In our question, there are both positive and negative examples of achieving our goals. There are many situations when people give up and lose the most important and valuable things in their lives. But there are also positive aspects of how some people have achieved their goals. There are many options to solve this problem, in this article I will tell you about them in detail.

Why is it important to achieve your goals? Believe in your faith and dream?

I want to quote the words of the American writer Chuck Palanic, who said: «If you don't know what you want, you will end up with something you don't want for sure. A clear understanding of what we really need allows us to take concrete steps to get what we want. A life with goals becomes meaningful and full, and achievements, even the most modest ones, bring moral satisfaction and quite tangible material fruits».

We can identify four main reasons for this, both on the positive and negative sides:

1. Control of the situation;

2. The meaning of life;

3. Productivity;

4. Self-realization.

Now I propose to consider each item separately:

1) Control over the situation

Many people compare human life with a fast and strong river flow, which clearly shows it. Let's imagine that you need to get from one side of the river to another. A person who does not have a definite goal, gives himself completely to the river flow of events and waits for the current to take him somewhere. Of course, he would ideally like to get to the other side of the river, but everything depends on the circumstances, that is, where the river will take him.

A person who is clearly aware of his purpose - will be able to get to the right place on the opposite shore, because all his efforts will be made to get closer to the planned point: to fight the current, to row as hard as possible, to calculate the trajectory of movement and the like. What do you think, which of these two has a better chance to reach the opposite shore? Undoubtedly, the one who wants to control the situation as much as possible according to a clearly defined goal.

2) The meaning of life.

This may seem ridiculous to some, but clearly defined goals do help to find the meaning of life. If there is no specific goal in a person's daily life, his life can be called empty.

In this case, the meaning of life acquires every moment of existence, which makes the dream a little bit more real and closer, because the meaning of life is not so much the result but the process. You will see for yourself that when you achieve your goals, your life will gain new emotions and unexpected amazing discoveries are waiting for you on this road, what opportunities will open up to you in the implementation of even such simple plans as daily walks in the park, acquiring a healthy and athletic body, mastering new and previously unknown skills. The only thing you lose by clearly defining your tasks is the feeling that your life is in vain.

3) Productivity.

When you understand your goal and task clearly, you will understand what you want to achieve in the end. Many of them will be quite achievable in the very near future. Instead of unfeasible dreams you will move on to concrete actions, you will slowly but surely overcome difficulties on the way, which means that you are really moving in the right direction and will soon get the expected result.

4) Self-realization.

Sometimes a person is not even aware of their abilities and talents. So, every day, almost mechanically performing the usual actions, solving problems "as they come", so he is confident that he is simply unable to do more, because of this his goals and objectives lose their relevance and importance.

The desired goal helps to get a person out of his usual environment, because this is the only way for him to learn something new in an unfamiliar environment, and thus - to change and develop, to realize all his hidden potential inherent in each of us.

Sometimes unconventional solutions can help us to achieve our plans a lot faster and lead to meetings with new and interesting people who are able to push us to action, inspire, and teach us something new and pass on their experience. Based on this, it can be said that not always a standard solution will help us realize our dreams.

In order to motivate and push readers to action, I want to give an example of Gabriele Muccino's film "The Pursuit of Happiness".

The protagonist Chris Gardner, despite his difficult fate and all the difficulties that embraced him, he always looked for positive, found happiness in the little things, did not give up in achieving his goal and did not betray his faith until the end. Compared to Chris Gardner, who manages to raise his son with all his problems, does not lose heart, and for the rest, happiness, career and simple joys of life, which most of us no longer pay attention to, and under more favorable conditions do not achieve their goals.

Turning to the conclusion, I want to say that in order to achieve their goals, it is necessary not to stand still and stock up with perseverance and success in their plans. Most people dream about having some things in their lives, but accessories are not as important as life goals. For each person, it is vital to have goals and to live to achieve them. At first, they may seem impossible, but if we really want something, it usually comes true.

Anyway, I suppose that giving up is not a part of human nature. Because if it were, the rate of suicide will be incredible high, because as I understand that is the greatest giving up ever. But well, things don’t happen this way. So, if you don’t succeed, you try again because first of all you don’t have much choice left. If you failed the second time and the third time and then over and again. You just realize that you failed. And even if you did fail, what are you left with? You just have to put up with that and start getting by it. It’s the easiest way, after all.

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