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I think that everyone is interested in what effect different types of drugs have, but not everyone dares to try drugs for themselves. Therefore, I would like to talk about the most famous types of drugs and their effects on the body. I hope that this information will push people, especially young people, to common sense: "drugs are evil!"

Keywords: marijuana, hashish, mushrooms, mescaline, LSD, the spice drug, ecstasy, salt, dangerous feelings, the addiction, the death.

According to the source of origin, herbal (natural) and synthetic drugs are distinguished. Synthetic drugs are the most harmful and dangerous. Herbal (natural) drugs in most cases can only cause euphoria and relaxation. And those drugs that are produced synthetically can cause hallucinations, and even worse, lethal consequences.

Below I will discuss what kinds of natural and synthetic drugs exist, and what effect they have is on the human body. 

Let's start by looking at herbal (natural) drugs.

Herbal drugs affect the physical and mental health of a person, under their influence, his feelings, behavior, and way of thinking change. And the most important thing is getting used to them, which requires treatment of addiction in the future.

Hundreds of years ago, people knew about certain types of plants with narcotic properties and used them for various purposes.

Marijuana is one of the drugs obtained from hemp through the use of the leaves and its fruiting flowering tops. The drug has a specific pungent smell inherent in cannabis. The color depends on the harvest season and the way it is processed.

A person who uses marijuana can be immediately noticed by the following signs: impaired coordination of movements; mood swings; frequent unreasonable fears; the presence of reddened eyes with dilated pupils. At the use of the drug harmful substances contained in it, they accumulate in the body, so even a few years felt the negative effects that can provoke serious diseases. 

Hashish is a resinous substance that is dried or pressed. Hashish always starts acting rather quickly and lasts for six hours. The achieved effect depends on the state of health of the person, his age and complexion, the quality of the drug itself. It has been established that the use of hashish for a long time leads to schizophrenia and psychosis, and this already requires special treatment for mental disorders. A person who uses this drug can be recognized by the characteristic glazed look with reddish eyelids, lethargy and drowsiness. Many addicts, after getting used to this drug, switch to heavier ones, which further increase the addiction.

Hallucinogenic mushrooms contain a special substance that has psychoactive properties. They are taken both fresh and dried. They are used to prepare tinctures based on water, alcohol and other solvents. Frequent uncontrolled use of hallucinogenic mushrooms affects the psyche and physical health. They contain toxic substances with neurotoxic effects, so their intake can cause fatal poisoning, schizophrenia, impaired speech and coordination, dilated pupils, excessive aggression, and withdrawal symptoms.

Regarding to Mescaline, in the middle of the last century it briefly used for the treatment of alcoholism and nervous disorders. However, the uncontrolled use of this drug has led to drug addiction, and now it is on the list of prohibited substances. Mescaline causes hallucinations, disorientation in space, panic, fever, mental disorders. The effect of the use of mescaline is achieved by chewing or brewing it as a tea.

Synthetic drugs are obtained artificially psychoactive substances that cause psychological and physical dependence, which destroy the nervous system and mimic some of the properties of opiates.

LSD is produced in powder form, but in recent years has become a popular liquid to soak into the paper. Oral use predominates, although some addicts find an alternative in the form of application to the mucous membranes and even intravenous administration. LSD can cause intense hallucinations, often nightmarish, panic attacks, and suicidal tendencies. The main danger is the cumulative effect, often leading to mental illness.

Ecstasy most often founds in the form of tablets. Among young people, it is considered a relatively safe drug, which narcologists call a great delusion. The substance causes a feeling of courage and a strong desire to communicate. The addict is constantly trying to get in motion, for example, start dancing. In people with a weak central nervous system, it can cause hallucinations, which can lead to self-harm and even suicide.

One of the most dangerous drugs of our time, causing strong addiction after the first intake. Salt makes you feel invincible and confident. Often it ends tragically, for example, when an addict decides to use caused "superhuman ability" and "fly" by jumping from a window. Unlike some other types of "synthetics", salt very quickly subdues the personality, forcing to think only about a new dose. In addition, salt contribute to the degradation of intelligence.

There are smoking mixes, called the SPICE drugs, enjoying popularity among drug addicts. Effect caused by the SPICE, it is impossible to predict: some people experience euphoria, others fall into aggression, damaging themselves and others, and still others fall into depression and see the horrific hallucinations. An interesting method for manufacturing the SPICE - dealers buying into harmless herbal pharmacy, for example, chamomile, and then treated with their chemical liquids (the so-called reagent).

So, you learned about the dangers of the most popular types of drugs. Now we can summarize the addiction.

Addiction is a serious illness caused by drug abuse. Drug addiction gradually leads to a deep depletion of physical and mental health. This is not only a painful illness, but also a cruel crime of a person before his life, conscience, before his children and society.

A person who uses a drug such as morphine, after 2 to 3 months, so loses the ability to do anything that he ceases to take care of himself and completely loses his human appearance. Those who sniff cocaine live no more than 3-4 years. In the end, they die from a ruptured heart or because their nasal septum becomes so thin that it begins to resemble a sheet of parchment that bursts, and all ends in fatal bleeding.

Many countries have strict policies against drugs of any kind, whether vegetable, synthetic or semi-synthetic, prohibiting their use, trade and possession.


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