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In the article I tried to show the whole danger of bad habits and addiction. I really hope that I was able to convey to readers the importance of a healthy life without destructive addictions.

Keywords: bad habits, addiction, ways to get rid of bad habits

Now one of the main problems of the modern world is addiction, including bad habits. The further a person develops and creates something new, the more harmful factors become that can dangerously affect a person. As we all know, science does not stand still, which means that various addictions and bad habits add everything.

The human body is quite well adjusted to various dangerous factors that can affect it. We have a lot of potential opportunities that we can realize for the good of the family, personal good, for the good of the state in which we live, but, unfortunately, we do not always think about the consequences of our actions. During school years, a person is especially susceptible to the influence of the environment, and more often various habits appear, which he then cannot give up throughout his life.

It is worth noting the features that make habits especially harmful:

1) Tobacco smoking, use and drug addiction are harmful not only to the person who is exposed to it, but also to his environment.

2) Addiction is a distinguishing feature. It convinces a person that he cannot live without something.

3) It is very difficult to get rid of habits.

As I said earlier, bad habits overtake a person in school (teenage) years. I will highlight the main reasons explaining this fact:

Lack of life goals. When a girl at school takes a cigarette in her mouth, she does not think that in the future she will become a mother, that there may be complications.

Feeling of uselessness, depression. Teenagers cheat themselves a lot: they think that their parents do not like them, their friends do not respect them, as a result of which there are thoughts of hurting themselves, killing themselves. Knowing about the dangers of cigarettes, they start smoking.

Difficulty communicating with peers. Personally, I have always divided schoolchildren into two groups: those who show off their new phones to each other, and those who consider themselves cooler after smoking a cigarette or eating some kind of pill. It is very important for teenagers to be no worse than others, and since not everyone can afford a new phone, they go to a group with bad habits.

Experiment. Teenagers who have tried drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, passionately tell their friends about their feelings, and they, in turn, want to get the same "high".

Personally, I was one of those teenagers. I thought I seemed cooler with a cigarette in my hands, because everyone from my company smoked. When my parents found out about this, they scolded me and explained how it is harmful to my body and can adversely affect not only my health in the future, but also the health of my children. I, of course, listened to them and now I am very grateful to them for the fact that they explained everything to me in time, because now I see that smoking people do not look cool at all, but on the contrary.

It is very easy to get used to something harmful, it will be much more difficult to wean it. I know many people who quit smoking, but soon started again. Yes, it is very difficult to fight addiction and it often takes a long period of time - you need to morally tune in to this. Each person is individual, which means that the methods of struggle will be different for everyone. You need to come up with an addiction rejection plan that you can be sure of. For example, for someone the motivation will be an encouragement - to buy a chocolate bar instead of a pack of cigarettes, and for someone to open a bank account and replenish it with money that he could have spent on alcohol.

Another way to combat addiction is to exclude contact with triggers of bad habits. If a person has alcohol addiction, then he should overcome himself and refuse the next meeting in the evening with friends.

The same motivation can be a struggle not with oneself, but with a person who has the same habit and desire to get rid of it. You can arrange a mini-competition - whoever can last longer without smoking wins, and, naturally, gets some kind of prize.

Visualizing harm can also affect some. For example, my school carried out various activities to prevent smoking in adolescents. We were shown a video of how cigarette smoke affects the respiratory system, digestion and heart; we were shown photographs of healthy people and those who smoke for a very long time - the difference is enormous. In smokers, the complexion becomes gray, with noticeable dark circles under the eyes and yellow plaque on the teeth. For me personally, this was enough to understand how harmful tobacco smoking is.

If a person does not succeed at all on his own to put an end to a bad habit, then there is another good way - consultation with a specialist. This person will study you well and will most likely lead you to the truth, explain everything, and put it on the shelves.

And so, a person who has overcome addiction is a great fellow. But that is not all. It is worth thinking about the prevention of bad habits. It is advisable to limit communication with people who have addictions, with whom you said goodbye, because if you started once, it is possible to start the second. Likewise, you cannot allow yourself indulgences. Some allow themselves to drink on holidays. You must always remember that a holiday is far from being a reason to ruin your health, because even one glass of champagne acts like a poison on the body and can also lead to re-addiction.

A good habit for a person will be the ability to confidently refuse. One has only to memorize a few phrases and not be afraid to say them:

1) Thank you, no!

2) I don't want to die young

3) I do not want to pollute my body

4) I feel great without it

These phrases can not only save you from harmful factors, but also affect other people - perhaps they will think and draw certain conclusions for themselves.

Having analyzed the statistics of bad habits in Russian regions over the past 5 years, I want to say that people are changing their minds, because the numbers are getting lower and lower every year, which means that more and more people are giving up addictions.

Man is the king of nature, the pinnacle of evolution. He subdued natural processes, learned to train lions and tigers. But he cannot cope with himself, allowing bad habits to kill him. I believe that you need to develop willpower and become independent from any harmful nonsense.

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