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In this article we analyze the most significant dependences of society in the 21st century, as well as their negative and positive consequences. We hope this article is interesting and will help you review your habits.


Dependencies, addiction, society, Internet, photo, food, fashion, social network, music, selfie, games, sport, new things.


Addiction is an irresistible desire and addiction to some object or action that evokes positive emotions or brings peace. The 21st century is the age of addictions. There are so many of them that everyone forgets that they exist at all. In this report, I would like to talk about the 10 most significant dependencies of modern society.

Let us start with the most important addiction - the Internet. Can you imagine your life now without internet? Are you reimagining communication through paper letters? When was the last time you held a simple newspaper in your hands? These typical questions show how dependent we are on the Internet space. All data that we have is often stored in gadgets (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.). Important correspondence is conductive email. Communication with friends takes place through social networks. On the average, a person loses 6 hours of his time per day using gadgets. Literally, our whole life is there ... It has both positive and negative consequences. On the positive side, it should be said that we have access to unlimited information. These are various courses, scientific articles, books, news and much more. If you look at the negative side of the Internet space, you can see how some of the content is false information and can lead to degradation of the audience to which this content is directed.


The next dependence flows smoothly from the first. Social networks. There are many of them, all different and in all  you need to register. This is what many people say. Gigantic amounts of information pass through the application databases for communication. We communicate on business, political, social, mundane and intimate topics. Correspondingly, all this information is in the databases of the application first, through which you communicate. Yes, there is a positive side to applications. You can get a response from a person in a matter of minutes and shorten your waiting time. However, social networks also “pull in” a person and he spends hours there watching videos and photos, which very often do not carry any meaning.


The third most important addiction is games. I think this addiction should be largely attributed to adolescents. The audience, which is «captured» by the games, can sit for days at the computers. First, games lead to poor health: pain in the wrist joints, blurred vision, curvature of the spine, etc. In addition, some games do not carry any intellectual burden, which, like useless content on the Internet, leads to the degradation of society.


The fourth addiction is music. She is no longer as harmful as those mentioned above are. Musical accompaniment has become commonplace in the life of a modern person. Music is with us everywhere: to public transport, on the way to your destination, when playing sports, while cleaning, etc. Hearing impairment may be the worst outcome of this addiction, but this is only possible if headphones and other music playback devices are misused. In addition, recently, people have stopped turning off the music while driving on pedestrian crossings, which can also lead to serious consequences.


The next item on our list is series addiction. They literally took over people's lives. Many TV series began to include six, seven, eight or more seasons. The fans began to look out not only in the evening, but also at night, consoling themselves, that they look so just one series. People try on the roles of characters, try to live their lives, and fall into despair when the series ends.


The sixth addiction is Selfie. The last few years, literally everywhere you can find photographs with half a face or just with a picture of your face. Many have become so attached to this that without another photo of their face, they do not start a new day and do not go outside. Hundreds of existing filters that «make» a person more attractive prompt interest in this addiction.


The seventh addiction is sport. This is a useful habit that many people have nowadays. Many exercises at home, in gyms, in fitness centers, on the street. The trend is helped to develop video tutorials and programs that are created by professional teams of trainers. Also, the emergence of various public sports grounds increases interest in this type of activity.


The next addiction is Food. Regarding the previous dependence, this is absolutely the opposite. Along with sports, there is also a high decrease in activity, which leads to weight gain. A large amount of fast food, junk food, low physical activity, deadlines - all this affects the weight and health of a person. In the Internet there is a large number of video - clips, where people eat the camera. All this leads to a great dependence on food.


The ninth addiction is new clothes. How often do you open your wardrobe and wonder what to wear today? If earlier, for the most part, this phrase was attributed to girls, today both women and men have this problem. However, new things are not only clothes; modern society is dependent on electronics, things for decor, jewelry. PR managers go to great lengths to get another figurine and frying pan in your home and this addiction partially smoothly brings us to the last addiction on our list.


The final addiction of our rating is fashion. This dependence has not existed for the first century, but in the modern world, it is expressed more clearly. In regardless of gender and age, many people spend for shopping much time. Good advertising of new products used by popular personalities facilitates this. The emergence of a huge number of online stores that develop online shopping. For the development of trade, everything is done - from creating individual conditions for the client, to on- site fitting and delivery of goods directly to the door of your home.


Summing up, I would like to say that modern society is incredibly advanced, we do several things at the same time, these dependencies to some extent make us incredibly productive, but they also have negative consequences. I would also like to add that we have considered only ten dependencies of the modern world that stand out the most, but if you delve into this topic, then each person will have their own predominant dependencies, and some may be absent altogether.

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