НЕОБЫЧНЫЕ ЗДАНИЯ НАШЕЙ ПЛАНЕТЫ - Студенческий научный форум

XIII Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2021


Александрова П.А. 1, Скрипченко С.Н. 1
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A building is a structure intended primarily for the residence and/or activity of people or the storage of products, usually of a closed volume and intended for long-term installation on a single site. There exist very surprising and unusual houses. For example, in CROOKED HOUSE (Poland) everything is crooked:

windows, walls, roof, doors, and even eaves and drainpipes. It looks very surreal-as if you were in the real Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. The "Crooked house" looks especially impressive at night, when its bizarre shapes are highlighted by evening lighting. The authors of the unusual project – Polish architects Zalewski and Satinsky. When creating them, they were inspired by the works of children's illustrators J. M. Schanzer and P. O. Dalberg. It's hard to believe, but when building the house, the simplest materials were used: sandstone, glass, metal. Inside there is a shopping center with shops, a restaurant and coffee shops, and there is also a Wall of Fame – a place where celebrities leave their autographs. The interior design looks less original, although a bit like Gaudi's style-smooth lines and no right angles. Despite the phantasmagoric style, Krzywy Domek harmoniously fits into the surrounding architectural background with old toy houses and a leisurely resort atmosphere.

SPINNING HOUSE was built in the suburbs of Lyon. It is a spaceship-like house continuously rotating after the sun. Despite the unusual image of this residential building, it is not unique in its kind. Once a new typology was invented in France by Patrick Marsilli and has been successfully implemented by the Domespace company created by him for 26 years. During this time, more than 200 houses were built. The first frame dome house appeared in 1988, and four years later it became rotating, thanks to the idea to build a special rotating mechanism into its base. Today, Domespace is represented on all continents from Africa to the Arctic glaciers. Since 2013 Domespace has opened its representative office in Russia. There are already a number of projects that are planned to be implemented in the near future on the territory of our country, which means that soon you will be able to see the amazing frame house with your own eyes, and if you want – to become its owner.

In shape, all Domespace buildings are very different from standard residential buildings. Rounded buildings that look like a convex lens are quite compactly placed on the site, occupying from 4 to 16 sq.m of land, and the climatic features of the place and the nature of the relief are not particularly important. Fantastic housing can appear in hard-to-reach mountainous areas, as well as in the usual suburban area. The design of the house is a complex organism consisting of more than 3 thousand parts. The plastic volume is based on a strong steel base with a built-in chain drive from an electric motor. Thanks to this device, the power of which is not at all large –the house can rotate around its axis by 320 degrees in just one minute. At the same time, the speed is easily adjustable, as well as the rotation program, which any user can set independently.

So, the house can be made to turn smoothly in any direction, using a special control panel. You can also easily set the building to follow the movement of the sun continuously and clearly. This would provide the necessary lighting inside the premises, and in addition collect the maximum amount of solar energy. The very movement of the building is so neat that the residents simply do not notice it. And for the convenience of entering and exiting the constantly rotating building, an open terrace is arranged around its entire circumference, allowing you to freely go outside, no matter what position of rotation the house is in at this moment. The futuristic three-dimensional solution is emphasized by an interesting scaly exterior finish, which makes the whole house look like a large outlandish cone that has fallen to the ground from God knows where. At the same time, the materials chosen for the facades are the most earth – natural wooden shingles made of Siberian larch or Canadian cedar. The top of the dome is sewn with copper. And the insulation is made of oak, cork and wood fiber. Such a choice of materials, as well as the technology of construction of such houses, make them as eco-friendly as possible.

Based on the above descriptions of unusual buildings, we can conclude that the human imagination is immense and people can come up with anything.


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