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Abstract: The article considers the development of a tour route with a view of introducing new sights of native land that will encourage love to small mother land, interests to history, nature and creativity of fellow countrymen. Interesting peculiarities of Barbizon’s creativity and positive aspects of implementation of a new tourist route have been described.

Keywords: barbizon, plein air, tourists, art, artists, painting, cultural tourism, tourist route.

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without art and creativity. Art is an integral part of human life. As with its help, a person learns the world, creates something new, captures incredibly subtle. Art is capable to develop creative imagination in us, it teaches us to see the world through the prism of beauty and harmony, to approach any phenomenon of reality based on its characteristics. Through art people learn compassion, sensitivity and emotionality. Art shows how beautiful the world around can be.

The works of artists of the Vladimir region are also dedicated to the chanting of the extraordinary beauty of their native land, awakening a feeling of love for their small homeland, a feeling of joy and knowledge, aesthetically influencing the soul of a person, spiritually enriching it.

In April 2017, the students of the Poisk association of the Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Excursions unexpectedly faced the ignorance of Sobinsky artists’ works by local schoolchildren. It turned out that, even in spite of the annual, regularly held personal and joint exhibitions of works of local artists in the city House of Culture, only students of the art school knew about their work, when, like other students, it was unknown. This is how the idea of creating a tourist route to places associated with the artists of the native land was born, which was opened in June 2017.

The result of introducing this route was the presentation of research works of local schoolchildren at the All-Russian competition "Fatherland" "The genre of urban landscape in the works of artists of the city of Sobinka." In 2018, the research work "The village of Kadyevo, Sobinsky district of the Vladimir region - the new Russian Barbizon" took the 1st place at the All-Russian competition of regional studies of schoolchildren "Fatherland".

In addition, the importance of developing such routes is determined by the insufficient number of cultural and historical artistic routes in the Vladimir region and the demand not only among notable artists, but also among ordinary art lovers and students of specialized educational institutions.

The tourist route “Russia is a country of artists. Plein air at Ruzin's ”is a special type of cultural and educational tourism, which includes immersion in the flavor of the rural hinterland, where people and nature live in good harmony. Acquaintance with plein air painting, studying the history of the birth of creative principles in the Sobinsky district, obtaining a unique drawing experience, as well as visiting an exhibition of paintings by honored artists of the Russian Federation, make this tour unique.

The goal of this route is to develop an excursion that allows to develop the aesthetic interest of wide layers of the population, to highlight aspects of the creativity of artists of the native land, glorifying the beauty of native nature and its uniqueness.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks were formulated:

1. To study the work of artists of the Sobinsky district, to delve into the history of the creation of the creative principles of the city of Sobinka, to study foreign artists who were attracted by the picturesque places of the Sobinsky district;

2. To conduct sociological research in order to study the demand for a tourist route to places associated with the artists of the Sobinsky district, to identify its relevance at the present time

3. To design a tourist route “Russia is a country of artists. Plein air at Ruzin's "

4. To awaken interest in the culture of the native land, the past and present of the small homeland.

5. To develop practical recommendations for the introduction of the route on the tourism market of the Vladimir region.

6. To offer this project to interested organizations within the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation.

The object of research in the project is cultural and educational tourism.

The subject of the research is the design of the tourist route “Russia is the country of artists. Plein air at Ruzin's.

The practical significance of our work lies in the design of the route “Russia - the country of artists. Plein air at Ruzin's ”, which could be offered to their clients by travel agencies of the Vladimir region and other Russian regions.

This excursion route through his native land reveals little-known facts from the life and work of fellow countrymen Dmitry Gorbunov, Yuri Kachanov, Vladimir Telegin, Evgeny Telegin, Alexander Bochkin, Anatoly Kuvin, Vladimir Ruzin and contributes to the emergence of interest in the cultural heritage of Sobinskaya land, its natural landscape, which became the subject of images for artists. The route is aimed at the formation of a civil-patriotic position, aesthetic taste and contributes to the perpetuation of the memory of artists - fellow countrymen.

For a long time, endless spaces and aesthetically excellent landscapes have attracted creative people, including artists. Their favorite place is the village of Kadyevo, Sobinsky District, which later, one of the German artists called "Russian Barbizon" and created a thematic poster.

The first foreign guest of the Vladimir Barbizon was the French painter Didier Delannoy, who arrived in Kadyevo in 1997. He was especially interested in the arrangement of Russian baths. Over the summer, he created a whole cycle of paintings depicting local women with birch brooms in their hands. In September - October 2007, he again worked in Kadyev and created a series of landscapes "Vladimir Autumn". Other famous foreign artists also visited the village: German artist Christian Hamzea, Daniel Malle from Brittany, Papuna Mirza Davitaia, Christine Engels, Gisela Heinrici and many others.

The most active "Barbizon" was the famous French landscape painter, author of the second poster, Daniel Mallet from Brittany. He first came to Kadyevo in 2005. During the time spent in the Russian countryside, he managed to fall in love with "Indian summer" and especially snow, which practically does not exist in his homeland.

Accommodation will be carried out on the basis of the Ladoga Park Hotel. The cost of living in a hotel varies from 900 rubles (single standard) to 2200 rubles (two-room superior). The park-hotel has a comfortable environment and offers a variety of seasonal entertainment services (such as paintball, fishing or ski rental). The tourist base is located in a place isolated from the hustle and bustle of the people, thanks to which visitors can get to know the originality of nature.

Meals are planned to be organized at the Rozhkov restaurant in the town of Sobinka. The restaurant has an atmospheric setting and delicious cuisine. You may be invited to enjoy traditional Russian cuisine: pancakes, cabbage soup, baked potatoes, you can also deviate from the standards and try dishes of various cuisines of the world. The average cost of a lunch is 200-400 rubles.

On the first day, we invite tourists to get acquainted with the local flavor and visit the museum of the history of the city of Sobinka. There a museum lesson on the theme "Creativity of artists of the Sobinskaya land" is conducted, where tourists receive information about the appearance of the first art studio in Sobinka under the leadership of DIGorbunov, the peculiarities of the work of local artists, meet with the students of DIGorbunov and his relatives.

The guests are offered the visit to the TsKiD (the former club of the Komavangard factory) and acquaintance with the paintings of DI Gorbunov and an exhibition of local artists. Then the tourists will have a trip to the Holy Trinity Church in the village of Arbuzov (inspection of the frescoes restored by G.I. Gorbunov), a visit to the artist's grave and further to his homeland, the Kolokolnitsa village.

Then, in the village of Kadyevo, guests may visit the workshops of artists A.I.Kuvin and V.I. Ruzin, where they can get acquainted in detail with the history of the Barbizon school, learn about outstanding personalities who visited the village and take part in a master class. A visit to the master class will be included in the tour price. Tourists will be able to visually study unique techniques, and in order to feel like a real artist. It will be possible to rent all the "equipment": easels, canvases, brushes and paints. The rental price will be 1200 rubles. A pleasant bonus will be that after the master class, the tourist will be able to take his masterpiece with him, which will serve as a reminder of the knowledge gained.

The end of the excursion takes place in the children's art school, where the director is a student of D.I.Gorbunov - E.B. Ryabinin, with a viewing of paintings by the students of the school.

A group of people for such a tour can consist of 10-15 people. The transport will be a rented minibus. The route is designed at the first stage for the warm season, but in the future, with the development of infrastructure, it is possible to get year-round service.

The development of cultural and educational tourism in the Vladimir region, in general, will affect the increase in the tourist flow and the improvement of the infrastructure of the visited regional territories and the entire region as a whole. The popularization of this type of tourism can significantly help in solving the economic and social issues of the region, as well as revive love and respect for our rich history, which must always be remembered and known. Tourist route “Russia is a country of artists. Plein air at Ruzin's ” assumes much larger scale in future. In each region there are individuals who have influenced the development of painting and creativity in general. It is very important to study them, learn aspects of biography, their creative path, in order to preserve and pass on to future generations. After all, this is the only way we will continue to remain the same strong nation, with no less strong and deep "historical chain".


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