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How to protect your computer?

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Many users wonder: “How to secure myself, so that a hacker cannot get access to my computer?” I know a good way. All you need this is a couple of USB sticks, your computer, hands and this guide. Firstly download software AdminPE and install on a USB stick. Secondly, download a Windows version and make the second USB stick bootable. And we are done with the preparation.

The first step. Insert the USB stick with AdminPE into your computer. Enter the bios and select in bootloader the option boot with USB-device. When starting AdminPE launch Acronis Disk Direction. Select disk and click the right button of the mouse and click “initialize”, then click “OK”. Further, we look what unallocated space we have. Click the right mouse button on disk again and select “create volume”. Keep clicking “next” until the Windows popup requiring “Select volume create par” shows, Here we select a value needed for you. In this example I select 120 GB. In the same window we choose “Volume type” as “Main” and “Active”, and we type “sys” in the part “Label volume” , as this section will be the main. Then click “OK”. Do the same with the second part, but here we select “Volume type”, as “Main” and in “Label volume” we mark as “data”. If you try to click on the label “My computer”, we won’t see our disks. We need to open menu “Start” -> “All programs” -> “Disks” -> “Standards” and select “Disk management” for them to appear. In this window, we select a disk on which we want to install OS. Select the disk with the right button of the mouse on disk and then select “Change drive letter or path” in this part we click, “add” and “Assign drive letter” and select “C”. Now we can install the operating system Windows. This change will visible only in AdminPE. We now do the same thing for the other disk, select “Assign drive letter” disk “D”. Now you can close all windows, but not exit AdminPE. Now enter program Bootice. In this program we need to test which disk select. Next, click “Process MBR”, point “Windows NT 5.x / 6.x MBR”, click Install and select “Windows NT 6.x MBR”. Click “OK” and “Close”. Now click “Process PBR”. In this menu we need to select disk on which we will put Windows, and same par “BOOTMGR boot record (FAT/FAT32/NTFS/ExFAT)”. Further, click “Install/Config” and “OK”.

Second step. This is the main part where we perform transition to the working Windows system, but installed on another part of the disk. Now we need to use the second flash-stick with the pre-installed Windows. Test this flash-stick. If it’s visible here, that means it’s all good. Now we launch “WinNTSetup3”. In this application we need to select “The disk on which Windows OS will be installed” and select disk labelled “sys”. Moreover, in part “Windows drive letter” we should select “D”. Next we need to specify the path to the installation image in your flash-stick. On this usb-device we must find the file “install.wim” it’s located in the folder “sources” select and click “Open”. In section, “Setting” select system number of bits of your computer. Next, we just click the button “Install”, and in the new window, just click “OK”. Wait for it to install the OS. Then the installed system window appears with the choices “Continue editing or rebooting the system”, click “Reboot”.

The Third step. Because it’s not an ordinary way to install an OS problems may arise. In most cases, we will see the “Windows failed to complete system setup Restart the computer to resume setup.” Error message To solve this problem we need to press a key combination “Shift + F10”. In the window you see you should write “D:\Windows\System32\oobe\msoobe.exe”. This process is responsible for choosing a user. Then we’ll see a windows with setup system where we can select the desired language, time, name, and password and keyboard layout. Next, a windows with the same error message appears again, but we can ignore this, by clicking “OK”. The computer reboots to the Desktop.

This process seems hard, but will help you to protect your OS. Lots of viruses try to find system executable file and infect it. However, the virus looks for those files on the other disk and can’t find it. Take for example the virus "WannaCry". This virus will try encrypt your files, but it doesn't work on our OS. It creates a copy of your files, but also leaves your files unchanged. You just open your files without problems. Also, virus “Bad Rabbit” does no harm. You can even launch this virus on as Administrator, but it will also no do damage. This way helps in most infection attacks, but of course does not guarantee you 100% of protection.

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