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Alan J. Perlis (eng. Alan Jay Perlis; April 1, 1922 — February 7, 1990) was an American computer scientist known for his work on programming languages and as the first Turing prize winner.

Alan Perlis was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 1, 1922. In 1943, he received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Carnegie Institute of technology (now Carnegie Mellon University).

During world war II, Alan Perlis served in the U.S. army, where he became interested in mathematics. Later he received master's degrees (1949) and Ph. D. in mathematics at MIT. His doctoral thesis was entitled " Integral equations.

Their solution methods, iteration and analytic continuation" ("On Integral Equations, Their Solution by Iteration and Analytic Continuation").

In 1952 he took part in the Whirlwind project. He joined the faculty of Purdue University and later moved to the Carnegie institution in 1956. He taught at the Department of mathematics, then became the first head of the Department of computer science (Computer Science Department). He was elected President of ACM in 1962.

Alan Perlis was awarded the Turing prize in 1966, according to the citation, for his influence in the field of advanced programming techniques and compiler creation. A reference to the work he did as a member of the team that developed the ALGOL programming language. Functions delay communication, data structures stimulate communication. Morale: structure the data as late as possible in the programming process.

In 1971, Perlis moved to Yale University in the Department of computer science, taking the place of Eugene Higgins (Eugene Higgins). He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1977.

In 1982 Alan Perlis wrote an article "Epigrams on programming" ("Epigrams on Programming") of ACM SIGPLAN journal, describing in one sentence the essence of many things he learned about programming over his career. Epigrams are widely quoted to this day.

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