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Арбузова К.Г. 1, Эрендженова В.В. 1
1РЭУ имени Георгия Валентиновича Плеханова
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This article is devoted to the great thinker Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov, whose name is the university where we study. The main idea of ​​our research is to familiarize and reveal the attitude of students towards GV Plekhanov. In order to get acquainted with the views of Plekhanov's students, we conducted a sociological survey that made it clear that most students do not have information about this great philosopher. At the end of the article, we will offer some recommendations on how to improve the knowledge of students about Plekhanov.

Our article is devoted to G.V. Plekhanov, in honor of whom our university is named.

The work is devoted to Plekhanov’s life history, the authors also wanted to show the attitude of the university students towards the outstanding thinker.

We find it especially important as 2016 is the year of the 160-th anniversary since Plekhanov’s birth and we are students of Plechanov Russian University of Economics.

The article is the result of the novel research carried out by the authors among the University students.

First of all, let us briefly recollect G.V. Plekhanov’s biography.

Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov was born on November 29, 1856 in the village of Gudalovka, Lipetsk district, Tambov province, Russian Empire.

An outstanding philosopher, writer, historian, thinker and politician, he was a member the soviet parties "Zemlya and volya", "Osvobozhdenie truda", "Cherny peredel".

Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov's parents were Valentin Petrovich Plekhanov (staff captain), who came from the Tatar family, and Maria Fyodorovna Belynskaya. In terms of income, the Plekhanovs belonged to the impoverished stratum of the local gentry.

From early age, he manifested himself as an extraordinary person who has his own point of view. Plekhanov defended Marxism from attacts of theorists of economism throughout his life.

At the age of 12, young George enters the second form of the Voronezh Military High School. From early childhood, he showed himself as an extraordinary person, who had his own point of view and did not succumb to the reproach and persistent influence of his father, he resolutely decided to become an officer. The future philosopher began to develop his intellectual and moral qualities with the help of excellent teachers during his studies at high school.

In 1873, after graduating from the school, Plekhanov was enrolled in the Konstantinovsky Military School in St. Petersburg. As Plekhanov spent most of his time studying Russian literature and literary criticism and thinking about questions that arose in the process of reading and gaining life experience, interest in military science and the drill faded away.

At the beginning of 1874 Georgy Valentinovich's petition for the postponement of military service was satisfied and he began to prepare for the entrance examinations to the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that Plekhanov with his average performance in natural and exact sciences chose not philology and literature or social sciences, where his interests and talents had already brightly manifested themselves, he chose mining. The choice could be explained by the peculiarities of the radical spirit of the time.

The scientist considered it unreasonable to accuse Marx of denying the role of politics, ignoring the aesthetic, religious, and moral concepts of people. He came to the conclusion that after the formation of a superstructure on an economic basis, it had an important impact on the development of the economy.

In his writings, the philosopher talked about the role of the individual in the life of the society. He believed that everything happened on the Earth was the result of the activities of the society. Plekhanov’s great merit is that he revealed the historical relations and individual, objective and subjective beginnings in art.

In "Letters without address" he shows the problems of the feature of the artistic image. Plekhanov’s heritage in the field of aesthetics plays an important role, as it helps us to understand the problems of the contemporary art.

The research is based on the survey conducted among the first-year students of the university. We interviewed 50 girls and 70 boys from different faculties and got the following results. (Faculty of Economics of Trade and Commodity Research, Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Economics and Law, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Marketing, Faculty of International School of Business and World Economy)

Conclusion: 76% of students are aware of the important event which will take place in 2016. But unfortunately, it is the first time 24% of students have heard about it. In our opinion, this is a fairly large percentage.

Conclusion: 77% of the students questioned know Plekhanov as a propagandist of Marxism, 14% as a philosopher, and 9% as a prominent figure in the Russian and international socialist movement.

Conclusion: 57% respondents think that Plekhanov is remembered as a leader of " Zemlya and volya " party, 25% of ty " Cherny peredel"party, 13% of the RSDRP, and 5% for the " Osvobozhdenie truda ".

Conclusion: the survey showed the students' attitude towards Plekhanov, thus, the attitude of 91% of the students towards Plechanov as a thinker is positive, 6% - neutral and 3% are skeptical, and 0% - negative.

The last question is the most important one.

Conclusion: We, as the authors of this article believe that the monument to G.V. Plekhanov should be erected on our University campus to celebrate the 160th anniversary since the birth of the great man. The survey also showed that the majority of respondents are for the establishment of the monument.

We would like to suggest the following approaches to familirize the students of our University with G.V. Plechanov’s heritage:

  1. firstly, more excursions to the museum of our university should be organized. The students should know the history of their University ;

  2. secondly, a special subject devoted to G.V. Plechanov’s ideas and works can be introduced;

  3. and finaly, the administration of the University should organize annual conferences in G.V. Plechanov’s memory to enable the students to demonstrate their scientific achievements.


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