IX Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2017


Хайдар С.Х. 1, Касымов А.Б. 1
1Государственный университет имени Шакарима г. Семей
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Energetics is of one the main field of ecomonics of any country. Reliable work of all the industries depends on it. So preparation of skilled specialists in this field is one of the most important goals for Ministry of education. Let’s consider system of education in Kazakhstan and role of energetics in it.

The main objectives of education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan are: Formation of general scientific and general cultural training of students;

- Adaptation of students to life in society;

- Training of citizenship and love for country;

Education system of Kazakhstan in the 90s of the last century developed in the conditions of an outdated methodological base. With the beginning of the country's economic development, the government pays attention to the level of education [1]. In accordance with the needs of the state there were reforms which began to improve the quality of education, based on the experience of highly developed foreign countries. Four levels of education were introduced:

  • Pre-school

  • Secondary

  • High

  • Postgraduate

Pre-school education in Kazakhstan develops independence and self-sufficiency in children. There is understanding that the period of childhood is not just a preparation for school life, but an important stage of human development. Training takes place in the process of playing with the gradual complication of tasks. This makes it possible to keep the children's interest in the process of obtaining new knowledge. Thus, models of human relations, as well as psychological preparation to school.

Secondary education in Kazakhstan takes eleven years and divided into 3 stages:

  • Elementary (1-4 classes)

  • Basic (5-9 classes)

  • Senior (10-11 classes)

By 2020, there is planning to transition to a 12-year training system, to redistribute the load to improve children and school as in most developed countries. Teachers should constantly improve their qualifications, use the experience of their foreign colleagues, learn new teaching techniques and apply them in practice. In the fifth class training program appeared new basic knowledge in chemistry, biology and physics. In high school children will have the opportunity to choose their own subjects of interest. These reforms form a fully developed personality in children.

Higher education in Kazakhstan is acquired on the basis of secondary education. For entering the university, graduates take final and entrance exams in the form of a national testing, or for of a complex national testing. Higher basic education lasts four years, after graduation the student is awarded a bachelor's degree. Bachelor's program is aimed to obtaining profound knowledge of the future profession [2].

Post-Graduate Education in Kazakhstan. For the acquisition of postgraduate professional education in Kazakhstan, a master's or specialist's degree is required. It lasts two years, after graduation is awarded a master's degree. The process of studying in the magistracy is more narrowly focused. Students have the opportunity to complete a bachelor's degree in one specialty, and to obtain a master's degree in another. There is also an opportunity to get a second higher education, but only on a fee basis with an accelerated period of study. (2-3 years)

PhD. The training process lasts a minimum of three years and is awarded the degree of Doctor of Science. Higher education in the Republic of Kazakhstan is in a state of constant reform.

Traditionally basic university for preparation of skilled specialists is Almaty University of Power Engineering & Telecommunications, but nowadays contribution of regional universities become greater [3]. For instance, number of engineers in the field of energetics prepared by Shakarim State University is increasing every year. They are working on the various energy enterprises of Kazakhstan.

The education system in Kazakhstan is a continuous process of education and training, carried out for moral, intellectual, cultural, physical development and the formation of professional competence.


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