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Education has a huge impact in a modern, complex industrialized society. Education is a teaching, enlightenment, set of knowledge, gained after special training. Due to teaching way it divides into: school, pre-school and high, basic and special educational institutions, there are also different subjects, which influences on a process of developing and personality training. "School" is a Greek word, which means a pastime, leisure time. And it has a reason : in the education system person spends up to a quarter of a century under control of pedagogues, teachers and educators. That is why education aimed to form law abiding citizens, who respect laws, traditions and government institutions. However some people have another point of view. In 1971 Ivan Illich announced a book called "Deschoolling society" in USA. Author offered to cancel obligatory education, prohibit asking education documents when applying for a job. He thought that school does not develop child, but turns into a part of "public machine", suppresses personality. This led to a question of reformation of education and its limitations: what is correct in education and how it should contribute to community. In other words define and clearly delineate the functions of the education system.

Scientists like Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Herbert Spencer paid a big attention on this issue. Emile Durkheim thought that main function of education is transfer of culture values. Max Weber linked education with social processes, like economics and politics. Another group of experts strongly insisted that education is closely related to science.

So, the main idea of this article is studying of functions of education institute and its role in a modern society.

Education as a social institute

The objective determinant of which causes, the need for the emergence of social institutes, is a social division of labor. It occurs during a certain purposeful activity and creates the need for one or another social institution.

Social institutions appear in the society as large, unexpected products of social life. People in a social groups try to realize their needs together and seeks different ways for it. During a social practice work the find some acceptable samples, behavior patterns, which gradually through repetition and assessment turned into standardized customs and habits. After a while these samples, behavior patterns supported by public opinion, accepted and legitimized. On this basis system of sanctions develops. From time to time members of community of social group can collect, organize and give legal confirmation for that practical skills and samples, which is accompanied by the changes and developing of institutions.

Education is a social subsystem, which has its own structure. As its main elements can be identified: teaching - educational institutions as a social organizations, social communities (teachers and students) , educational process as a kind sociocultural activities as well as the presence of objective status of people in a specific field of activity, a set of roles, performed by people, associated within a given social institution (if status is determined by objective needs, the social role acts as the process of its realization) presence of social norms, which expresses the measure by which human behavior standard is determined, their performance assessed and penalties are determined.

Economical functions

Formation of consumer standards. Education can bring rational standards in material needs of people. Promote the development of resource-saving economy as well as stable and favorable human environment. In a market conditions such function opposes business interests, although it is more consistent with national interests.

Attracting of economic resources. As it is known, the most profitable investment is an investment in education.

The internal distribution of economic and other resources. Activities, which oriented on educational and non-educational areas (material help for students, support for commercial, scientific, design and other structures), are provided with resources.

Providing career guidance and skill development work with youth. Starting from teenagers, educational institutions are obliged to conduct it. The essence of career guidance work is to form a competent staff of graduates and skilled workers.

Scientific functions

It is impossible to rule modern society without a science. Science changes social structure. Today, there are overall trend that number of people employed in mental labor are increasing, in contrast with people, who employed unskilled physical labor.

Impact of science on people happens directly through education. That is, the "science - education - a person". Entering the science through education contributes to the development of children, their formation as an individual.

With the help of science method of teaching develops. Science in significantly expands the an outlook of pupil, because all new comes to school through the science.

Foundations of science are brought to the children through the internet. For example, "Invisible colleges", like, distance learning, virtual institution and others.

Researcher studies object, thus there is an expansion of human world outlook. Formation of scientific outlook also happens with the help of system of education, which plays a big role in the formation of the individual. Modern civilization is committed to ensuring to prepare and use the enormous potential of specialist with higher education. It can be proved by the fact that the amount of scientific work, the growth of scientific information, discoveries, the number of scientists doubles on average, about every 5-10 years.

Role of science in education is that it covers all components of educational process: objectives, means, results, principles, forms and methods. The main units of the educational matrix are scientific sense, which includes the identity of a person in a real process of life. The educational process acts as an initial area, where individual meets the science, as well as occurs preparation for real life and formation of mature personality.

In a conclusion, education in a modern society plays integrative role while formation of social groups, institutes of community and during a process of formation of an interacting personality. Education is an single institution, which is closely related with society, culture and science. It acts as a leading motive in each activity. Due to investments in a quality education significantly increases economic power of the country. Education makes behavior samples for mankind and gives possibility for further improvements. Knowledge, information exchange occurs because of the education, consequently, connection between different layers of society happens with the help of education. That is communicative function of education. The closest institution to education is a science.

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