IX Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2017


Аглямов И.И. 1, Волчкова В.И. 1
1Поволжская Государственная Академия Физической Культуры Спорта и Туризма
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Abstract. In this article we consider the organization of the project of the club of orienteering fans, which will unite all the students of the Academy in one team. Orienteering is a low-cost sport suitable for both genders and all ages. In order to find out about the orienteering possibilities in your country, one should contact your National Federation.

Introduction. Orienteering is a sport that combines both a physical and a mental element. The basic idea in orienteering is to proceed from course start to finish by visiting a number of control points in a predetermined order with the help of map and compass. In order to choose the best possible route, orienteers look at the characteristics of the terrain, and the winner is determined by the fastest time to complete the course. What is unique to orienteering is that an orienteer must navigate and make quick decisions while running at high speed. The sport of orienteering was first practised in the military but nowadays it features a variety of different formats ranging from the more traditional long distance forest races to the more recently developed city sprints. With the use of electronic punching and GPS tracking, orienteering has become a sport visible to the audiences with real time broadcasting on TV and the Iinternet.

The research results and their discussion. The International Orienteering Federation has four official disciplines: foot, mountain bike, ski and trail orienteering. The first foot and ski orienteering competitions are known to have been held as early as the 1890s. Mountain bike and trail orienteering are rather more recent formats that evolved during the last decades. The International Orienteering Federation was recognised by the International Olympic Committee in 1977.The yearly international championships events include World Orienteering Championships, Junior World Orienteering Championships and World Masters Championships. The IOF organises the annual World Cup. The international event calendar also comprises more than 100 World Ranking Events. Regional Championships take place in five out of six IOF Regions: Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania. Orienteering is also part of multisport games such as The World Games and the World Masters Games. FISU organises World University Orienteering Championships and World University Ski Orienteering Championships every second year. CISM organises yearly World Military Orienteering Championships, and ski orienteering is part of the CISM Winter Military World Games [1].

In the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan, in particular, there is no separate school sports in orienteering. There are only sports clubs at such children's sports schools, as the Zenith and the Motor. The academy coach relationship with athletes is only supported through additional classes organized orienteering (2 times per week). The academy trained sportsmen and orienteering enthusiasts. In this regard, there is a need to combine them in the framework of the Club of orienteering enthusiasts. The study will take place at the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism for 1 year. In the study, a database will be established and approved by legal documents.

Contingent: Sports orienteers, students and teaching staff of the Academy.

The object: Orienteers of the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The subject: Orienteering club fans.

Research methods:

Observation. How many people, and to what extent this type of deal.

Questioning. The collection of information through questionnaires, among the students of the Academy.

Comparison. Comparison with other organizations or clubs.

Mathematical and statistical. Processing of the data.

The result of research will be the implementation of the project of the Club of fans of orienteering at the Academy.

Realization of this project will allow us:

1) To combine orienteering enthusiasts.

2) To solve organizational issues with management.

3) To improve communication with Orienteering Federation and the organizers.

4) To carry out campaign activities for students and promote the sport.

Conclusion. Creating a club of orienteering on the basis of Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourist will be demanded if:

- Of the academy students will be interested in this project.

- All the practical recommendations will be applied in the project.


1. International Orienteering Federation


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