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IX Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2017


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Born in Moscow and trained at the St Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, Danila Kozlovsky is Russia’s biggest star on both stage and screen. My favorite actor is because he is very talented, charming and artistic.

The son of Soviet-era Russian stage actress Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya and applied science professor Valery Kozlovsky, Kozlovsky had a checkered career at junior schools in Russia -- and was expelled from several -- before his parents placed him in a naval academy in St. Petersburg, a move he says gave him the discipline to take up acting. His movie debut was as a military history nut in We Are From the Future, a hugely popular local hit that adds a news twist to the time-travel genre when a group of friends digging for wartime memorabilia find themselves transported back to the battlefield in 1942.

His recent role, playing Soviet ice hockey champion Valeri Kharlamov in Legend No. 17 a personal favorite movie of President Vladimir Putin -- made him one of Russia's top-billed stars.


Danila Kozlovsky was born in Moscow. His mother, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya, is a stage actress, and his father, Valery Kozlovsky, was a professor at Moscow State University specializing in marketing and mass communications. He has an older brother, Yegor, and a younger brother, Ivan. As a child Danila was slightly overweight. From a young age, Danila was placed in dance and music classes, learning to play the saxophone and the alto. During his early years, he frequently changed schools, potentially due to discipline issues. He made his big screen debut in 1998, playing the troubled sixth grader Denis on the Russian television series Simple Truths.

In 1996, he was accepted into the Kronshtadt Naval Military School, which he attended until his graduation in 2002.

The actor doesn't like to advertise his personal life so very often he comes to the social events alone.

The relationships between Zueva Olga and Danila Kozlovsky is begun to be spoken at the beginning of February 2015: St. Valentine's Day they visited the ballet "Giselle" at the Bolshoi, and the paparazzi posted photos from the Maldives, where Daniel and Olga supposedly rested together. March 3, 2015 at the premiere of "Duhless-2" Daniel also appeared, accompanied by Olga Zueva.

Olga Zueva was born in Vladivostok. she graduated from modeling school in native town, and then went to the United States. In New York Olga studied at specialization "director". The actress starred in small roles in the thriller "Salt" the film "Love is a strange thing" and "Orange is a hit of the season".

Actor career

Upon graduation, he matriculated to the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, entering the acting/directing course supervised by Lev Dodin. During his fourth year he made his debut on the stage of the Little Drama Theatre (Theatre de l’Europe), playing the part of Edgar in King Lear (2006). The role brought him his first theatre award: a special prize of Expert Council of the "Golden Sofit" (the top-rated theatre award in Saint Petersburg) for Best Debut.

Best Actor by the Russian Guild of Film Critics for his performance in GARPASTUM, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. He also won Best Actor for his role in WE ARE FROM THE FUTURE in 2008 and other film roles followe

In the same year he also received his first movie award – the Russian Cinema Critics Guild "White Elephant Award" for the best leading role (in the movie Garpastum, 2006). He received the National "Golden Eagle Award" for "Dukhless" 2012, nomination "Best Cinema Actor".

Yuliya Snigir and Danila Kozlovsky, during the premiere of A Good Day to Die Hard, 2013He starred in productions of the St. Petersburg Academic Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe and in films.

In 2014, he played Dimitri Belikov in his first American movie, Vampire Academy. In 2015 it was announced that he will portray the role of Erast Fandorin, in The Decorator, based on the novel in same name by Boris Akunin, but no recent developments has been heard since then. In 2012 he played the role of Yegor Dorin, in the movie The Spy, based on another Akunin novel.

He also appeared in advertisements for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle alongside Keira Knightley


The film "The legend number 17", where the actor plaited a major role, is considered to be one of his general domestic works.

Legend Number 17 (Легенда №17) is a 2013 Russian biopic about Russian/Soviet hockey player Valeriy Kharlamov (Валерий Харламов). He was one of the best-known Soviet hockey players and was recognized worldwide. He participated and was successful in several Olympics and other Soviet and international competitions. He died in 1981 at the age of 33 in a car accident.

The film itself tells the story of his early years, before he became a hockey phenomenon. It depicts the beginning of his career and the start of his name recognition as “number 17,” and then the famous, life-changing game in Montreal during the USSR–Canada Super Series, when Kharlamov won glory for himself, his team, and his country.

The film was outstandingly successful in Russia, and was praised highly. It won an impressive six Golden Eagles, including for best film, best screenplay, best supporting actor (Vladimir Menshov), and best supporting actress (Nina Usatova). It was also nominated for best director (Nikolai Lebedev), best actor (for both Danila Kozlovsky, who played Kharlamov, and Oleg Menshikov, who played Kharlamov’s trainer, Anatoliy Tarasov). Despite its apparent cinematic successes, Ruskino critized it for being “propagandistic and patriotic” and idealizing its hero, but the reviewer also wrote that it was clear that the filmmakers were passionate about their subject, and that the film would appeal to anyone who cared about this country. Rossiyskaya Gazeta saw the film as less about hockey than about the process of building character, and saw the patriotic aspect as a positive: it presented a side of Russia free from politics, a more sincere version of the country that all Russians could support.

The actor speaks capitally not only native language, his skill in English is excellent too. So he takes participant both in Russian shootings and in foreign ones.

One of these work is film Vampire Academy. The first film in his foreign filmography is "the academy of vampires".

His most recent film releases are STATUS: SINGLE, FLIGHT, SOULLESS 2, VIKING and HARDCORE HENRY.

His most recent stage roles are Lopakhin in THE CHERRY ORCHARD and Hamlet in HAMLET, both for Maly Drama Theatre.

This actor is likely to have very successful carrier future and this fact is confirmed by the list of his fresh future works

2014 -Dubrovsky Дубровский, Vladimir Dubrovsky

2014 - Vampire Academ, Dimitri Belikov

2015 -Soulless 2 Духless 2 Max Andreev

2016- Flight Crew,Экипаж, Alexey Guchshin Remake of Air Crew

2016 -Friday, Пятница, Mikhail Bondar

2016 - Hardcore Henry, Хардкор, Akan

2016 - Status: Free, Статус: Свободен, Nikita Kolesnikov

2016 – Viking, Викинг, Vladimir the Great

2017 - Dovlatov, Довлатов

2017 - Matilda, Матильда, Vorontsov

2017 - The Decorator, Erast Fandorin

He is one of my favorite actor of the country, аnd the works with his participation are always have great demand

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