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VII Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2015


Никонов М.А. 1, Замараева Г.Н. 2
1Федеральное государственное бюджетное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования «Владимирский государственный университет имени Александра Григорьевича и Николая Григорьевича Столетовых» (ВлГУ)
2ФГБОУ "Владимирский государственный университет имени Александра Григорьевича и Николая Григорьевича Столетовых" (ВлГУ)
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Why do you need to learn English? This question arises for the first time at school, when learning English is boring and seems to be useless. “Why learn English if you don’t have enough time for major subjects?” – Such or similar thoughts dawn on many students, although some have already realized that today English, being a universal language, plays a great role in our life.

The authors are going to discuss the necessity of learning English.

One of the main reasons for learning English nowadays is a career. Today English is an international means of communication including business world. So studying English is a mandatory step for those who are planning to develop their career or start their own business. So the question “Why learn English?” is transformed into another one, “Where and how to study English to achieve desired result?” In economics demand creates an offer. English is not an exception, so there is a great variety of English language courses to choose.

To be successful in your career you need good education. So education is another important reason to learn English. Why do you need English for your education? First, a lot of researches are carried out abroad. Many of them are described in journals, mostly published in English. So to be at the edge of your field you need English. Second, you can continue your education abroad, i.e. you will have to have fluent English to be able to study there. As you know, best investment is an investment into education. Get higher education in one of the prestigious universities abroad. That is a dream of many students. To let this dream come true you have to improve your knowledge in English, not only general English but also speciale vocabulary to study chosen major.

And when you graduate from the university and go somewhere abroad to live and work you also need English. According to Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, most Ukrainians having left their country moved to the USA and Canada i.e. English-speaking countries. Without good knowledge of English it is impossible to get highly qualified and well-paid job in these countries. To have a successful interview you need good command in English, to adapt to new life abroad you should be fluent in English.

It goes without saying that you need English while travelling. Very often tourists face such problem as a lack of understanding in everyday communication (at the airport, hotels, shops, etc.) and the question “Why do I need learning English?” dramatically turns into “Why didn’t I learn English?”

To conclude we should point out importance of learning both speaking and writing in English, taking into account not only communicative skills but also good grammar to make our communication pleasant and successful.

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