V Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2013


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The scientific literature considers contracultural communication to be a reverse side of the dialogue between cultures, which leads to confrontation, conflict and even war of cultures, i.e. intercultural communication with a negative sign. Researches in the contracultural communication have proved the possibility and high-frequency probability of negative interaction outbreaks when hostile confrontation prevails over the constructive dialogue [1]. In some cases the reason for them is ethnic intolerance which is interpreted as a quality of ethnic community or its representative, characterized by rejection or denial of the culture, its customs, values, models of behavior and communication, the way of life of other ethnic groups. The intolerance becomes apparent at three levels: emotive, conative and cognitive. At the emotive level it is an antagonistic and hostile attitude, at the conative level it is behavioral focus on rejection and abhorrence, and at the cognitive level it is ideas justifying relationships and acts of this kind. The signs of ethnic group’s intolerance are fanaticism, cynicism, aggression to another ethnos or its representatives; the fixation of enemy-image as represented by some nation; negative ethnic attitudes; provocative behavior and acts. The signs of intolerance at the interpersonal level are irritation, the exaggerated importance of one’s own ethnic belonging, the necessity of ethnic associativity, the amplification of the status of ethnic membership. There are several forms of contracultural communication [2]. Xenophobia is a fear or a hatred of someone or something foreign, strange or novel; a perception of alien as obscure, incomprehensible, and therefore dangerous and hostile. The assimilation is a merging of two ethnic groups with one of them losing its language, culture, and national self-consciousness. The segregation is a division of people according to cultural belonging with the majority’s removing the minority from the main positions of social life. The chauvinism is an ideology that means propagation of national superiority to explain the right for discrimination and oppression towards another ethos. Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of a cultural group by the representatives of another culture; the latter usually outnumbers and excels in technological resources the former.

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