IV Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2012


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О conduct tie-in pipeline pressure is applied a specially equipment, whose choice depends on the material from which pipes are made, as well as on their diameter and pressure piping.

The proposed device for tapping into an existing pipeline can be applied in the field and at industrial facilities engaged in the transportation of oil, gas, water, steam, etc. The device of cutting in requires no tie-off pipe and stops the process equipment, thus saving time and money.

The proposed device combines our innovative solutions to some of them applied for patent for the invention; it may allow the industry to produce equipment capable of complex tasks under severe conditions.

Hydraulic equipment, performing drive meets modern concept of variable-preparatory, providing, and emergency repair work is deficit reduction of staff qualified and applied technology for productivity gains. And also allows you to react more quickly to emergency conditions, reduces the share of labor intensive manual labor, is the reduction of time costs, increases in the long run performance of the units, and reduced financial costs.

The main feature and advantage of this equipment is, is Air hydraulic actuator. The development of devices with this type of drive allows you to get a universal, mobile, high-performance equipment, with which problems are solved, where necessary to satisfy a wide range of activities that require compactness subject to a great performance, where security, reliability and timing of work performed must be provided regardless of environmental conditions. Hydraulic Equipment pneumatic hydraulic accumulators has several advantages: мmaximum security for the operator; more power - more performance; low noise; light weight; the universal source of energy: mobile oil station, hydraulic; hydraulic equipment, explosion-proof majority; the absence of exhaust emissions, dust clouds, electric shock; use of the tool under the water and at low temperatures; make the drive for off oil station at the expense of stored energy; reducing the likelihood of breakage of the cutting tool due to damping dynamic loads pneumatic hydraulic accumulators.

Mechanization offered to create a device tapping into the existing pipeline can be successfully used in many enterprises of fuel and energy complex, transport, housing and communal services, construction and communications.

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