IV Международная студенческая научная конференция Студенческий научный форум - 2012


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Soil compaction caused by wheels or tracks are analyzed to prevent negative effects of mechanical impact of wheeled and tracked transport. To combat this phenomenon different methods and activities are being developed whet will enable, to restrict or decrease the mechanical impact. This direction is especially important for the nor them regions of Russia with their problematic roads far away standing economic centers a hudred or thousand kilometer distant industrial centres to develop small bat variable agricultural production. Extreme natural climatic conditions and peculiar environmental situation is caused by intensive anthropogenic and technogenic impact on the tundra unique natural complecs that is very delicate and has practically no ability for self recovery.

A vehicle moving technique turns on torque on the wheel that transmits the rotation to the rim, connected with the wheel. The rim together with the axis and the drive wheel are being turned via the inner sperical surface of the wheel and fixed via further wheel movement.

The wheel axis position is fixed via the wheel inner surface limiting element at the it axis end where on the carriers at the drive wheel is mounted and it interacts with the rim, and the carriers at the axis end that are capable to interact with the wheel inner surface and the rim is made capable to turn and fix relatively the wheel internal spheric surface. This technically results in all direction turning capability of the wheel. A robotic vehicle can perform simple straight line moving without extra mane uers and very complicated motions as well. For instance at consequent straight moving the device is capable in no time no mentioning the inertin to change movement direction to the left- right one. As a comparatively simple way of movement a circular moving around middle point can be performed.

The development can be used:

1- as transport vehicle during maintance, repair works and industrial safety providing while gas- oil pipelines construction;

2- Vehicle to transport pipes and strings of pipes and rig equipment at complicated working conditions on low baring soil while for ceut pipeline construction through agricultural areas to reduce the wheels and tracks harmful impact on the soil.

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